How to adjust the compound bow

Draw weight is a necessary to bring full draw to the compound bow. One advantage of compound bow is that it can able to adjust its draw weight. To adjust the draw weight, we have to tighten or loosen the limb bolts. By tightening the limb bolts until they are tight against the riser, we can raise the draw weight. We unscrew them equally on each limb to lower the draw weight. However, if you unscrew the limb bolts too much that can make injure the mechanic. There are four common rages: 30-40, 40-50, 50-60 and 60-70. They can have higher weight. Recently, the popular range is 55-65 lbs.

87732208_XSThere are five steps in adjusting the draw weight on compound bow. Firstly, check the connection points to the bow and inspect the limb bolt. If there is a locking screw, you need to loosen it. The second step is inserting the short end of the Allen wrench into the limb bolts. We turn this bolt clockwise until it sticks and repeat with the opposite limbs. Then, adjust both of bolts as your desired draw weight and screw the locking. Next, Nock an arrow into the bowstring and choose a position that toward your target. In the last step, hook your fing ertips into the strings of the bow and test the draw weight. You should adjust the bow draw weight if necessary. However, if you turn the bolts too tightly, the bow limbs may be damaged.

You should choose a draw weight using about 75% your muscle strength to avoid reducing the power of your shots.

A critical component of shooting accuracy is the draw length. Archers have many diferent sizes therefore there are also vary draw lengths. The best way to find a draw length is the wingspan divided by 2.5 techniques. That method will give you a good starting. If you have a bow that doesn’t your proper draw length, you have to adjust it to suit. Adjusting is different between different compound bows.

To draw length of specific cam bows, we have to purchase the suitable cam and change the draw length by installing. Changing a draw length of compound bow is very difficult and complex. It requires the pressed bow. Adjusting the draw length allows the archer to adjust their draw length with the use of an hexagonal wrench without. The archer can adjust their draw length anywhere from 3 inches to 13 inches. This figure is depended on the compound bow. A cam that is adjustable will allow to adjust the draw length when the bow string ends. After holding down the compound bow, the limp bow string can be changed the position into the different position and in a different setting.

The module Modular Cams compound bow incudes draw length specific modules. They can be changed to fit the archers with many different sizes. This changing requires a hexagonal wrench to do without pressing the compound bow. The modular cams is the  most popular cam these days.




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