Madden NFL 20 New Features

Madden NFL 20 New Features

It’s time again for touchdowns, interceptions, fumbles, sacks, just in time for the pre-season, EA released the new Madden 20 in early August. Fittingly, you will learn all worth knowing, changes and innovations of the new football simulation here in our test.

What has changed in Madden 20?

In this year’s Madden 20, a lot has changed to its predecessor. There’s a new game mode, new superstar abilities, X-Factor abilities for the superstars’ elite, and a jumpsuit to make the better players stand out from the average. But do not worry, the classics like Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) and Franchise Mode are back on board.

The gameplay feels a lot different with the new “real player motion 2.0” than it does in Madden 19. In the game, the broad distribution of OVR scores is noticeable and the AI ​​is now making better decisions. As always, you can choose between the different game difficulties and choose modes.

The new engine, the players act their real role models much more similar. For example, Odell Beckham Jr holds the ball as if in real hands, or the skill moves of the stars look deceptively similar to those on TV. The running game is now directly usable to the star of the game, not as in the previous Madden.

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What you need to know about Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 features

Which also benefits you, because like in real life, not every pass of your quarterback fits and sometimes you have the feeling that this player made it into the NFL when he passes a completely free receiver or throws it directly to the defender. What also feels very different is the pass rush, so the pressure of the defense on the quarterback.

This works much more powerful, where you have to read faster through the defense, so you are not constantly on the ground. This is where supportive skills of the elite players are added. The playbooks have also changed, now there are RPO’s, so run pass options, where you decide if it’s a run or a pass. Also new in Madden 20 are trick games like the Philly Special from the Superbowl 52. In Madden 20 it is now also possible to play the Pro Bowl, in which the best players of the AFC and NFC compete.