madden NFL 20 review

madden NFL 20 review

Madden NFL 20 could be seen as Brett Favre of the series. A player who is certainly one of the best quarterbacks in history, but also a famous “Gunslinger”, where many litters were not sitting. That’s how Madden NFL 20 looks like. The game makes some things right, but unfortunately, every opportunity is not taken advantage of.

What makes Madden NFL 20 the mark this time round is the gameplay. The new “real player motion 2.0” makes a real difference and is better than its predecessor. The movements, including artificial intelligence (AI), make far more sense. Above all, the broad distribution of ratings is noticeable. It is not a drastic change, but one that is quite noticeable. The very good players of the league, are very similar to their real life pedan. This is reflected in the “signature animations” again. For example, in the spin-move of Melvin Gordon or in the juke of Alvin Kamara.

Addictive gameplay

However, the biggest and most significant change is the new X-Factor abilities. 50 league players have special abilities. You have to unlock them in the game by certain achievements, so that the players get into the zone. However, once these players are in the zone, they can be taken out again. They are not scores or modifiers, instead they are a particular behavior or character trait. These are situational events that can make a real difference.

Example: After several runs of 10+ yards, Saquon Barkley enters the zone and receives the X-Factor ability “First One Free”. This ability improves his spin, juke, and hurdle move and makes it difficult to bring him down through the first Defender.

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However, once Saquon Barkley is stopped for a loss of space, he leaves the zone again. It is always important to know where the respective X-Factor player is in the field. Both in our own and in the opposing team. However, some abilities are a bit overwhelming at the launch of the game, but not so strong they would break the game.

The gameplay is not perfect, but it’s great fun

In addition, other changes also bring new improvements. The “pocket” of the quarterback breaks down faster , which brings more realism. The Qarterback can no longer stand six seconds in the pocket, but rather two to three seconds. Which really benefits the realism. The trajectory of the ball and the jump height of the linebacker have also been adjusted .

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The middle linebacker is no longer able to jump six feet into the air to catch the ball. As a quarterback you can better “leaden” your receiver and throw the ball into tighter windows of coverage. Although the AI ​​is not perfect, but a little better than before. Of course, it still happens that an O-liner is in the middle of the way, because he has nothing to block. But far less common than veterans of the series are used to.

It would be nice to finally see that the AI ​​finally finally emulates the real team. Unfortunately, Madden NFL 20 is not ready yet. So the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are not nearly as common as in real life. The Giants turn their backs on Saquon Barkley and sometimes give him almost no runs, also do not use the New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara as usual.

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This is certainly a wish for the future. But the playbooks are much more extensive. In addition to new run pass options (RPOs), the playbooks have been thoroughly redesigned and give the play-calling more depth. The gameplay is certainly not perfect, but it’s much more fun than its predecessor.

Easy entry into Madden Ultimate Team

Fortunately, there are positive changes in the Madden Ultimate team. The new “Missions” make the tasks more visible and also introduce new players of the mode intuitively. Ultimate Challenges replace the former solo challenges and can now even be played co-op. The “red chems” will be replaced this year by the new X-Factor abilities. Everyone who had fun with MUT before will not be disappointed this time either.

For smaller changes, which mainly affect the immersions, everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is to be interpreted positively or negatively. The commentators, Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, are doing a good job with their transmission method, unfortunately the phrases are repeated too often and are often the same as in the predecessor. Also, the referees were taken off the field, this does not bother me personally, but it’s still worth mentioning. The huddle will not be broken any more and after the turn you will stand directly at the line-of-scrimmage.

My conclusion about Madden NFL 20

The gameplay, the new animations and above all the new X-Factor abilities enrich the game immensely. More realism thanks to a faster pass-rush and the opportunity to successfully complete running games at the launch of the game are welcome changes.

But unfortunately, I never lose the feeling that EA has put some resources into the wrong aspects of the game. The developer seems to have put a lot of emphasis on the Pro Bowl – in my opinion too much. Yes, it’s nice to play the Pro Bowl for a few games, but the resources would have been far more useful in other modes, especially in franchise mode. Actually, it is a nuisance that the Pro Bowl is held as a big “new” feature, since he was earlier in the game. Unfortunately, franchise players are also watching this time.

Overall, Madden NFL 20 is a good football game. Unfortunately, like Brett Favre, not every litter is sitting. For some throws, the player even asks, why did you do that, EA? Nonetheless, most litters arrive. It’s a good, but fun, game this year. Unfortunately, no reinvention, but a refinement!

Will the fallen if, gameplay is about everything.

If you do not like it, you hope that the franchise mode and “Face of the Franchise: QB1” can contribute a lot to the game.

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