What you need to know about Madden NFL 20

What you need to know about Madden NFL 20

EA is using the new football season with Madden NFL 20, the new part of the well-known football simulation comes on 02.08 in the trade. This year, the most valuable player of the NFL season 2018 is in the game, Patrick Mahomes is even a fan of the game series and graces the cover of the new part. At this point we collect all information, news and trailers about the game.

The most important facts about “Madden NFL 20”:

  • Release date: 02.11.19
  • Genre: Sports simulation
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Scenario: With Madden NFL you can expect a realistic football simulation with many current NFL superstars. Create a junior quarterback and fight your way through the college league to the National Championship or set up your Ultimate Team and more!
  • Developer: EA Tiburon
  • Publisher: EA

Madden 20: Game variants and other gameplay features

In Face of the Franchise, you have to become the figurehead of an NFL franchise. In the beginning you have to talk about yourself in college and later call your attention to the scouts in the NFL Combine. So you try to secure a place in the NFL Draft to later become an NFL superstar yourself. This new personalized career mode deals with your career alone. There will also be individual events, dynamic challenges and playable scenarios.

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Another game variant is franchise , here you simulate an NFL career with all stages. You can write football history as a coach, player or owner, in online single-player leagues or multiplayer leagues. Of course, all 32 teams will be there and there will be seasonal awards as you complete the year with the Pro Bowl.

In addition, there is the exhibition game variant , here plays her husband against man, single or multiplayer mode. You can play in online and offline matches against other players or against the CPU.

The game options can be customized at Exhibition, which includes game time, rules, stadiums and even uniforms. However, those who prefer to set up their ultimate dream team can do so in Ultimate Team . Create your ultimate NFL lineup with current NFL superstars and many NFL history legends.

Besides career modes and Ultimate Team, there are other game features that have been improved or enhanced. For example, Superstars have “customized moves” to help them instantly enter the game. The new “pump-fake mechanism” allows targeted deception maneuvers, so your receiver can outsmart the defense, by throw-cancel by double-clicking and “Run-pass options” are now also available in play-calling. These are just a few enhancements to the new Madden NFL 20, there is more to explore for you.

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